Self-Quarantine Tips for Coronavirus Exposed Elders

Self-Quarantine Tips for Coronavirus Exposed Elders–In order to stay healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s best for us to follow the government’s protocols to stay at home. Especially for the elders that’s more susceptible to be infected with corona virus.

To this date, the number people infected with Covid-19 have reached 24 million internationally, with a death rate of 833.000 people. According to WHO, the people that are dying to Covid-19 are people over 60 years old, followed by 46-59 years old in the second place.

The virus known as SARS-CoV-2 that’s causing Covid-19 can indeed afflict people of all ages. But thus far, the highest death rate happens to those over 70 years old.

The reason being as we age our body immunity and our organs decrease depending on how old people are. Not only that, the elders also tend to have chronic illness, such as heart disease to the like chronic obstructive lung disease, and thus making the elders more vulnerable to the coronavirus.

The Benefits of Self-quarantine to Protect Elders from Covid-19

One of the ways to keep elders safe from Covid-19 is doing a self-quarantine by staying at home, and apply physical distancing by keeping a distance of two meters against others when going outside.

Here are some tips that you can use for the elders in the family when doing self-quarantine:

1. Keep the Elders Active

To fill the time when self-quarantined at home during the pandemic, it’s best to stay active physically. Invite the elders to do some light exercises such as a short walk around the house, some geriatric exercises, or yoga.A

2. New Hobby

We can introduce new hobbies to the elders at home during the pandemic starting from, gardening, quilting, playing chess, or colouring a colouring book so that they stay busy and don’t feel lonely.       

3. Connect with Other Family Members

In order to stay connected with the family, help elders to get in touch with others through video calls. Other than serving to fill the free time during the pandemic, it also helps so that they don’t feel isolated.

4. Show that you care about them

Doing simple things like hugging them and listening to their stories and complaints will surely give them tremendous comfort in these trying times.


5. Make them Comfortable during the Quarantine

During the quarantine, other than giving them attention and care, don’t forget to pay attention to their elderly care every day.

Most elders have a trouble urinating. The number increases as a person grows older. This condition is called urinary incontinence, a condition where one loses control of their bladder resulting people to urinate without realizing.

Urinary incontinence on elders is caused by the weakening of the nerves that’s controlling the bladder valve. This condition will surely make the elders uncomfortable, especially during this pandemic.

In order to keep them comfortable, make sure that the area inside the house, especially the way to the bathroom is not too far from the bedroom.

If the frequency of going to the bathroom way too often, it’s advised to wear them adult diapers in order to avoid embarrassing scenes. This is also important in that they don’t become restless from going to the bathroom frequently.

Use adult diapers twice during the day and once at night. Make sure that it has a good absorption rate and urine capacity in order to avoid urine leakage during use. To avoid irritation around the crotch area, use a diaper that contains Aloe Vera like Confidence Adult Care diapers.

This diaper has the best quality for all the needs you can think of. Starting from adhesives (for bedridden patient), pants, and pads (for sports and others). 

Make sure the elders in at home feels comfortable, safe, and stress-free during the self-quarantine. Remember that a poor body immunity increases the risk of getting infected by Covid-19 and lastly, we hope this article will be useful to you.

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