How To Get Extra Cashback Reward

The resolution to be better in 2021 is still a long way off, but what’s wrong with us starting to live frugally.

As a result of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, people are working from home, and some have lost their jobs.

However, we must not be sad, and keep silent. Start with a new normal life.

During the pandemic and new normal times, there are lots of attractive offers from the extra cashback online shop.

Don’t miss the opportunity to start saving now.

Here’s the article

How To Get Extra Cashback Reward

1. Get extra >10% cashback with UOB x GrabPay

This has been widely discussed, but one of the best reasons to get a UOB One Card is thanks to its partnership with Grab, which gives you up to 10% cashback on your Grab transactions!

What you should do:

Apply for a Grab Pay Mastercard
Top up your Grab Pay card using your UOB One card
Use your Grab Pay card for transactions and chalk up Grab points.
Get the 5% + 5% rebate from UOB and exchange your Grab points for vouchers.
We’re expecting this promotion to get culled soon, so you might as well make full use of it while it lasts.

2. Stack FavePay + GrabPay at participating merchants.

Depending on the merchant, you could be looking at anywhere between 3% to 10% cashback with this method. The only downside is that the cashback that you’ll accumulate is also tied to the same merchant and outlet that you have visited, so it’ll be best to use this hack for places that you frequent more regularly. 

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What you should do:

  • Set GrabPay as your default payment mode in your Fave app
  • Use FavePay at participating merchants (especially merchants that you often frequent) to get both Fave cashback AND Grab points

3. Download the ShopBack and RateX Chrome extension.

Remember the days of searching for promo codes online and manually entering each of them before you check out…only to find that they no longer work?!

Well, say goodbye to those days because these nifty Internet extensions help you to scour the web for promotion codes and apply them automatically on the websites that you visit. Find out more about the ShopBack extension and RateX extension before using them.

4. Stack with ShopBack Go

If you aren’t already on ShopBack Go, you’re missing out on a whole bunch of offers and cashback. New users even stand to enjoy 1-for-1 offers, and I made use of this to have cheap lunches in the CBD on several occasions.

What you should do:

  • Download ShopBack Go via your app store
  • Link your credit card to the app
  • Look out for promotion offers on your favorite merchants within the app
  • Pay with your credit card as per normal

5. Use the right cash back card

The best way to power forth and enjoy your new life of free money back is to pair the right cashback credit card for your spending habits. Some favorites that I like are DBS bank, which gives 5% cashback on online shopping and Visa contactless and can be paired with the DBS Multiplier savings accounts for extra interest.

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