Does Giving Praise belong to a Niche Parenting that Has a Good or Bad Impact?

Does Giving Praise belong to a Niche Parenting that Has a Good or Bad Impact? – Everyone would love it if they were praised for something they have done or worn. So would the child. Giving Praise indicates that someone appreciates and admires something that has been done. Giving Praise will give the child to feelings of happiness for those who are praised, and it’s quite important for them.

Giving Praise is something common for anyone, including parents, to their children. Parents must feel proud of their children who can do certain things. To express their pride, parents usually say sweet things and make them happy. But did you know that praising is not always a good parenting strategy? Check out the following reviews to be more precise in determining a good parenting strategy.

Here’s an Explanation of Why Praise is Sometimes a Good Niche Parenting, and Sometimes It’s Bad:

Giving Praise Can be a Good Parenting Strategy

A compliment given to a child is to give a feeling of happiness and pride. A child will feel very appreciated for what they have done. Parents are also not hard to praise their children because they feel proud of them. This can bring out a sense of love between parents and children. This is one reason why giving Praise belongs to a niche parenting that has a good impact.

In addition, Praise also means motivating the child to maintain these good things. Praise can also be interpreted as motivating children to do better things. Even Praise from parents is something that every child really hopes for in doing something. Usually, compliments are complemented by giving a gift as appreciation for the child. That is what makes the children always look forward to praising from their parents.

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Giving Praise Can be a Poor Parenting Strategy

Apart from having a good impact, giving Praise is a bad niche parenting when applied to the wrong conditions. Many parents think that the most important thing for their child is to make him happy. One way is to praise him, even if it is sometimes overdoing it. Maybe that’s why giving Praise belongs to a niche parenting that has a bad impact. The parents did not realize that praising him too much was bad for him mentally.

A child who is accustomed to being praised will always expect continued Praise if he has done something even though the essence of success in doing something is not to get Praise but to prove to yourself. In addition, if he gets used to being praised, and one day he’s not being praised, he will stop doing that good thing and feel like giving up. Another thing that makes Praise belong to a niche parenting that has a bad impact is its improper placement.

Because they are too proud of their children, many parents praise their children’s greatness at the crowd. It might look fun and makes the child proud. But in fact, the child will actually feel insecure because he is complimented at the crowd. It could be because he feels that he is not that great and is afraid of failing if he will do something similar because he is already complimented.

Furthermore, it can have a negative mental impact on both the child and the family. Parents who are accustomed to giving Praise in front of many people about their child will be labelled as a selfish parent. Bad things such as being ostracized, talking about bad things, and so on make the family’s reputation tarnished. That’s the fact that it makes Praise belongs to a niche parenting that has a bad impact as well.

To sum up, giving Praise does not always have a good impact on both the child himself and his environment. Be wise in giving Praise to children so that it can be good for them and their environment as well. That is all the information about Praise belongs to a niche parenting that has a good and bad impact, which depends on how we do it.

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