Are You Sure Your Way To Teach Your Children Is Right? Check out the following 5 child parenting mistakes!

Are You Sure Your Way To Teach Your Children Is Right? Check out the following 5 child parenting mistakes! – Being a parent is not an easy matter especially for you young parents who have just had children. Being a parent is not only fulfilling children’s financial needs, but also should educate children to be good personalities. Every parent certainly has a difference in how to educate or parenting children. However, are you sure that the parenting of your children is correct?

Parenting children or how to educate children is not an easy thing. As parents, of course, you have to learn a lot about it by reading parenting books or asking competent ones. This should be done so you can apply appropriate child parenting and are able to form good character in children. You certainly don’t want your child to grow up to be a bad person? So, therefore, consider some of the following mistakes in how to educate children that you might do.

Some Child Parenting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Comparing Children

The first child parenting mistake is comparing children with other children. Most parents may think that comparing children is one way to motivate children to do something. But, did you know that too often comparing children will actually disturb their psychology? Too often comparing children will make this child feel inferior and harbor anger in himself. This happens because children feel that they cannot be proud of their parents if they fail what their parents want.

Spoiling Children Too Much

Next is pampering children excessively. All parents want to be able to provide a good and comfortable life for their children. One of them is by fulfilling all the needs of the child and fulfilling the child’s wishes. However, always fulfilling the wishes of children for free is not good for children’s character development in the future. They may grow up to be children who are unable to be independent and always depend on their parents.

Cannot Position Yourself Well

In fact, being a parent does not mean that you are only a father and mother figure for your child. As we know, many children don’t have a good bond with their parents so they are closed to their parents. This happens because of a child parenting mistake, namely cannot position himself properly. So he fails to win over the child’s heart. You must be able to understand the situation where you take the role of parent / friend.

Too protective

Being overprotective is the umpteenth mistake of parenting children. Children really need your supervision as parents so they don’t do something deviant. But, being too protective by over-regulating children, forbidding this and that, is certainly not the right thing to do. As an individual, children also have their own rights and freedoms. Therefore, as parents you shouldn’t limit your child too much so he doesn’t have free space to explore his abilities.

Impatience In Educating Children

The last child parenting mistake is impatience in the process of educating children. Educating children is not an instant and one-time process. It takes a lot of repetition and habituation that must be done while educating children. So what you teach can be cultivated by children. Making mistakes or being recalcitrant every now and then is something a child does.

Those are some child parenting mistakes that you should avoid as much as possible. Hopefully this discussion can be a lesson as well as correction material for you parents. Hopefully you can continue to improve yourself so that you can become good guides and role models for your children!

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