6 Tips to Stay Healthy for Covid-19 New Normal

Tips to Stay Healthy During the New Normal -In the preparation for New Normal, WHO has arranged health protocol to protect people during the pandemic. Other than always washing hands using soap or hand sanitizer, WHO also emphasized the importance of social distancing and physical distancing.

Because of that, society will have to adapt living hand-hand with Covid-19, and of course it can be done by following the health protocols that the official has released.

Starting from increasing online interaction, paying digitally, keeping distance and avoiding crowds, and et cetera. Here are some tips to live a healthy life in the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic.

Tips to Stay Healthy for New Normal

1. Use face masks when going outside

Use face masks when going outside. This advice comes from Centers for Disease Control and Preventions, an American health institution that states we need to use cloth masks in public. Especially when going to places that’s crowded with people such as apothecary, supermarket, and others. By wearing mask, it’s hoped that we can slow down and prevent the spread of the virus to other people.

Not only that, but the use of mask should still be accompanied by a good social distancing. When going to public places, make sure to keep the distance away from people and not do physical contacts unless it’s absolutely necessary.

2. Bring hand sanitizer wherever you go.

With the coming of New Normal, it’s inevitable that we’ll be outside more than we are inside. This implies that we won’t always be able to wash our hands with soap after touching certain objects.

Because of that, make sure to bring hand sanitizer with an alcohol rating of 70% wherever you go. Make sure to always clean your hands using this hand sanitizer before and after doing any and all activities.

3. Clean the surface of an object with disinfectant

Frequently clean the surface of an object with disinfectant. For example, cleaning wallets, phone, or even shopping bags that you frequently used. Other than that, furniture such as work desk and chair should also be cleaned regularly and therefore reducing the chance of being infected with Covid-19

There’s a couple of disinfectant that we can use this far. First is alcohol with the volume of 70% that can be sprayed to a frequently used object. For the second part we can use other disinfectants or home made one like Bayclin solution mixed with water.

4. Avoid gathering in crowed places.

Other than that, one that is not less important is avoiding crowds in public places. When new normal have been fully implemented, we may be able to revisit malls or gatherings in other places, but it’s best if we don’t do these things, and taking unnecessary risks that will be harmful in the long run and just stay at home instead unless it’s absolutely necessary.

5. Shops using the cashless method.

As reported from CNET, during this pandemic it will be beneficial for us to switch to cashless when shopping. Avoid using cash as much as possible because it’s most likely have been touched by a lot of people. But if needs must, then always remembers to clean your hands with soap or hand sanitizer after touching that cash.

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6. Bring your own things

Say you’re an office worker that’s going to your time at workplace during the new normal, it’s best to consider bringing your things, this include food and drink containers to your own mukena and prayer rugs. Doing small things like these will reduce the chance of you contracting corona virus, which of course benefits everyone around you.

With this concludes the article about tips so stay healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Don’t forget to keep a healthy life, take care of your diet, get a good amount of rest, and always exercises to help your body stay fit.

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