5 Tips to Help You Become A Responsible Tourist

Often times when we’re visiting a country or places, our most memorable memories are about how beautiful and insightful those places we visit are. That being said, does our visit there helps the lives of the people there? Or do they actually worsen them? As a traveler, it’s important to be a responsible, and here we have 5 tips that will help you become a responsible tourist wherever you wander.

1. Don’t be shy

If you’re visiting a country, make sure to engage with the local people around you through words or action, you are after all just as much attraction for them as they are to you.

Learn about their culture and traditions about their land and why they choose to do the traditions they’re practicing right now. This will make your trip much more insightful compared to if you’re just wandering around and not engaging with the people or the place itself.

2. Share your own story

The next tip to becoming a responsible tourist is to share your own story. As we’ve mentioned above, you are just as much attraction for them. Just like how you are curious about their story, they’re also curious as to what you can tell to them.

Not everyone can travel after all, so sharing your travel stories with people that might not be able to will surely leave a positive impact on their lives. Even something as simple as pictures of your dog or house can brighten locals’ day tremendously.

3. Contribute to their economy

Another best way to be a responsible tourist is to also contribute to the locals’ economy. Although visiting them is already considered as a contribution, you can do even more by visiting small stands and side street shops selling souvenirs. It’s more impactful to do it this way, too, as you’re directly contributing to the smaller people out there rather than the agency itself.

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4. Leave no trace

A sign of a responsible tourist is that they left nothing behind. Any visit you make there affects something no matter how little, whether positively or negatively. If you’re hiking a mountain, don’t leave trashes behind at the summit, and don’t vandalize the stones there either.

We get it that you’re looking for a memento to show your friends when you’re back home, but photos already take care of that for you. A good rule of thumb to follow is: don’t leave anything behind, don’t travel in large groups, and leave things as you found them.

5. Have an open attitude

The main purpose of traveling is to visit new places and learn something new along the way. But, if you keep your mind close minded, there won’t be a way for you to achieve this. Sit back and relax a little bit, you are in a new land after all.

Customs will be different, and as such an open attitude is necessary for you to not only gain some insight about the land you’re visiting, but to also be a responsible tourist because the people you’re visiting will feel appreciated when you come in with an open attitude or mind.

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