5 Must Visit Destinations in London

The capital of England itself, London, is a very exquisite place with many landmarks and wonders for you to visit and see for yourself, in today’s article we will be looking at the 5 Must Visit Destinations in London you can go visit yourself on your next vacation in England

1. London Eye

The first in our 5 Must Visit Destinations in London is of course, the London Eye. London Eye is the tallest cantilevered observation wheel ever known to man at a height of 135 meters or somewhere around 433 feet. The London Eye is located above the River Thames and have been in operation ever since the 1999.

This becomes a must visit landmark in London through the London Eye you can see all of the panoramic view that the city offers.

2. Tower of London

The Tower of London is a historic castle located near the River Thames, and is one of the World Heritage sites. Here in Tower of London you can see the Yeoman Warders, observe the Crown Jewels up close and personal and also meet the famous ravens known as the guardian of the Tower itself.

3. Big Ben

The next must visit destination in London is none other than the Big Ben itself. Big Ben is a massive clock tower located on the northern part of the Palace of Westminster, that being said the name Big Ben is often used to refer to the city itself.

Due to the popularity of this clocktower, many tourists often times takes picture at this gorgeous landmark of London, what about you? Interested in visiting it yourself?

4. The British Museum

Another must visit Landmark in London is the fabled British Museum. Located in the Bloomsbury area of London, it’s a public institution dedicated to preserving human history and art. The museum has existed for a very long time dating back to the era of the British Empire

As such, the museum stores over eight million of works and artifacts and is considered the most complete and comprehensive museum in the world overall. Definitely a must visit if you’re visiting London as a part of your vacation.

5. Hyde Park

Last but not least in our list of 5 destinations to visit in London is the Hyde Park. Located at the heart of London, Hyde Park offers world class events as well as quiet places for you to relax.

Some memorable places to visit in Hyde Park itself are the Serpentine Lake, Diana Memorial Fountain, as well as the Rose Garden. Adding Hyde Park as a destination to visit in your list will definitely be worth it with the amount of attractions it offers.

And that’s all for our top 5 destinations in London. It’s pretty much a guarantee that your vacation will be amazing if you decide to visit London. It’s such a pretty place with tons and tons of histories dating back thousand years back. So, if you’re confused where to go for your Holiday, we hope our list of top 5 destinations in London can convince you to visit this gorgeous city.

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