5 Destinations in Greece You Have to Visit

Greece is often times known as a destination with a lot of ancient history around it, and because of that, a lot of people are visiting it like nobody’s business. Especially during the holiday season.

That being said, there are way too many destinations to visit in Greece that might make people confused on where to first. So, here we have 5 destinations in Greece you can use as a reference.

1. Acropolis

First in in our 5 destinations in Greece is the Acropolis itself. Acropolis of Athens is a citadel located on top of rocky outcrop above the city Athens itself. The ancient citadel holds the remains of several ancient and legendary architectures from ancient Greece such as the Parthenon or the Erechtum.

Visitors can access this ancient through the marble stairs known as Beule Gate named after its finder Ernest Beule from France.

You can enjoy visiting the Acropolis starting from €12 and €50 if you’re also looking for a tour guide.

2. Meteora

The intrigue of Meteora lies in its row of rock pillars. Archeologists estimates that the process of creating these rocks formation started around 60 million years ago during what’s known as the Palaeogene period.

The Meteora is considered to be a holy site for the locals around there.  You can also see clearly the Varlaam monastery across the valley through Meteora.

3. Delphi Theatre

Deep in the valley of Mount Parnassus lays a modern city and archeological site known as Delphi. Accroding to the Greek mythology, this city was protected by Apollo who was the son of Zeus and Leto

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Visitors visiting this place can see the remains of ancient building from the 6th century such as Apollo Temple, Theatre, and the Treasuries. Not far from the temple is where the Delphi Theatre located, here you can enjoy breathtaking view of the valley itself.

4. Santorini

Santorini of Greece offers an exquisite view and have been known as the island to go to for your honeymoon.

The capital of Santorini, Fira, is one of the main destinations in Santorini due to its iconic view of the city. This is because the buildings in Fira are dominated with white and blue painting on their walls, giving it a very nice soothing vibes to anyone visiting.

Other destination worth of note in Santorini is Amoudi Bay. Clear blue and white ocean sight surrounded by red cliffs will surely awe anyone visiting this gorgeous place.

5. Lindos

Last but not least in our 5 destinations in Greece is Lindos. Lindos offers a very dramatic landscape with rows and rows of white houses on top of hills.

The city itself is located west of Rhodes, and is definitely something any travelers visiting Greece must see for themselves.

That is all for our list of 5 destinations in Greece you can visit yourself. But with that being said, even if you do not visit these places, Greece still offers many more of its unique charm and history even just from sightseeing alone as expected from an ancient civilization.

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