5 Best Stylish Bathroom Storage Ideas

5 Best Stylish Bathroom Storage Ideas – If the bathroom feels less attractive or messy put bath soap, face soap, or maybe toothpaste ?.

And you want to renovate it.

We have prepared for you, who want to change it.

1. Tall And Slim

Photo : Cory Holland

If you want to look neat, where you pull soap or toothpaste, so as not to look messy. This concept, perhaps your choice, by pulling a very slim and tall shelf.

2. Storage Ladder

By utilizing used wood, and making a size that fits the bathroom, it becomes a work you might not have thought of before.

3. Built-In Storage

Built-ins will never go out of style because they solve one big problem: They create storage from thin air. Or, rather, the empty space in your wall. And, unlike bulky cabinets or furniture, they don’t take up any floor space.

4. Spa-Style Storage

Designed in a style like in a spa bath in Japan, this is an interesting style. You can put shoes or slippers and it’s also simple.

5. Storage Caddies

If you haven’t had a shower caddy since your freshman dorm, you’re missing out. Caddies are a great way to add storage in the shower without renovations, and they come in some seriously sleek designs. Stack a couple of metal caddies in a row for a sophisticated look.

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